Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Mighty Gorilla

WALT; write a non chronological report

Remember to use:
  • an opening paragraph explain what your report is about.
  • headings and subheadings for the main body.
  • an closing paragraph, recapping on what you have written.
  • Pictures, maps etc with captions to explain what they are.
Remember to use faction not opinions.

The Mighty Gorilla
Gorillas are animals that are found in the wild  in many countries in Africa, like Rwanda and the Congo. They have been taken to zoos and people's houses so you can find them around the world.

What do Gorillas look like?
The gorilla has a large head, tiny ears and small black eyes.  Gorilla’s can grow up to 1.7m that is the height of some baseball players. They have a pretty big thick body which is made up of muscle. They use their human like hands to explore and investigate the world around.File:Gorillas in Uganda-3, by Fiver Löcker.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Gorilla diet Free photo: A Silver Back Gorilla, Zoo, Eating - Free Image on ...
The gorilla need a lots and lots of food, up to 20kgs a day. Gorillas are vegetarian so that mean that they only eat vegetable but some like to eat insects. Gorilla eat plants like stinging nettles, 97 species of flowers, and they love wild celery. Gorilla’s don't drink water  because their is enough water in the plants that they eat.

Gorilla habitat
Gorilla live in dense forests in Africa. Most gorillas live up to 10,000 feet on mountains where it is cloudy and cold. There must be a lot food where they are or they move to another mountain.
Behaviour of gorilla
Gorillas like to make nest in tree to sleep in. They use their sight, smell and ears  to talk with each other and to watch out for danger. Sometime there are really bad fights between silver back gorilla s like when they go on another troops land.  

Concluding paragraph
I think that gorilla is an amazing animal. They can learn sign languages  and understand us a little. Its is a really big responsibility  for us to  look after them so they are in the world forever.
by ebony

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Forces Treasure Hunt

This week we have being do forces. Hope you like it!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Saving animal

This week room 21 have talking about savaging animal sand I did this thing link and we did this.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Samoan Language Week

I have made a thinkglink about Samoan for Samoan Language Week.