Friday, 9 November 2018

Athletics Day

On Tuesday Puriri and Kauri we to Love lock track. We walked to Love lock track it was a 20 minute walk from school. When we got to Love lock track we got told to go and lineup in our year group first the girl did running on the boys did the field events. First was the 800 meter,100 meter, 200 meter and then 400 meter. I only an 800,100 and 200. We went to long jump,shot put, high jump and then discuss and then relays 4 people from each class went and did a relay race my Classroom came 3rd we pack up and walk back to school and then went home.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a story

In Room 25 we have been learning how to write a narrative and what to included setting character and a problem and here is my story.

Character: A beautiful Princess
Setting: At a magical castle
Problem: Ate a Poisoned berry 

Once every morning as the sun comes up from the horizon, the maid came to wake-up the princess and gave her daily fresh fruit. 

Little did she know, she did not know that a intruder and the maid was locked up in one of the rooms. Then when the made gave her a fruit there was banana, strawberry and poisoned berry. 

She ate all of her breakfast she fell really ill. Later on that day she went to sleep and never woke up.  

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Meeting Tigilau Ness

This term Room 25 and the rest of Kauri team have been learning about the Dawn Raid and the 1970s. We have been reading the Dawn Raid novel written by Pauline (Vaeluaga) smith.

Room 25 invitied Tigilau Ness (the father of Che Fu)
also a character in the novel, to come and share his story and experience of the 1970s and the dawn raids.

Tigilau is a member of the Polynesian Panthers. The Polynesian Panthers help the community. They stand up for what they believe in and help other do the same. 

 A nice photo with Tigilau Nesas

All of using sing with him


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Math, Math and ... PE

This week is Maths week. On Monday we learned about BOD-MAS. We learned about the order that we  need to solve problems that have more than one operation (x,÷, + and -). 

Once we learned about BOD-MAS we did maths and PE at the same time for a challenge. We worked in a group to solve the task. To get answer checked we had to do a lap around the classroom (walking with purpose not running). 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island

This week was Cook Island language week YAY! We had Hamida come and talk to me and my classroom about the Cook Islands. We had Hamida teaching us about the language about the Cook Island and how they sound  like Maori for a example saying good bye Aere Ra and in Maori Haere Ra, we learned a dance. The girls did a hola and the Boys move there legs and then we did around the world and I got partnered with Phillip and we were number one and we went first with other people and is was fun.

Hope you had fun reading my blog post blog you later.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Celebrating Matarki

This week my classroom made fry bread. We made fry bread for our class and buddy class. We made fry bread by using flour and water. We poured the flour into the bowl and then put water in with the flour. Then we used our hands and started kneading it into a dough. Then we cut the dough and we put oil it the pan the let the oil heat up. Then we put the fry bread into the pan and let it fry up. We went and let our buddy class know when we are ready

Friday, 15 June 2018

Riding like the wind

This week we had Bigfoot Bikes come into our school to teach us about bike safety.

We had lot of fun. We especially liked the game at the end when we were getting closer and closer .

We have do some amazing writing on how it be to be safe on a bike. Watch out for these, they will be finished soon ! 

We are just about to start 

It is on