Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a story

In Room 25 we have been learning how to write a narrative and what to included setting character and a problem and here is my story.

Character: A beautiful Princess
Setting: At a magical castle
Problem: Ate a Poisoned berry 

Once every morning as the sun comes up from the horizon, the maid came to wake-up the princess and gave her daily fresh fruit. 

Little did she know, she did not know that a intruder and the maid was locked up in one of the rooms. Then when the made gave her a fruit there was banana, strawberry and poisoned berry. 

She ate all of her breakfast she fell really ill. Later on that day she went to sleep and never woke up.  


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  2. HI Ebony this is Lucas from room 7.I really like your blog and it inspire me to do more on my blog. You have a really good imagination you could write little kid's book's.How often do you do these activities in class? Peace out Lucas

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog

    blog you later.

  4. Hi Ebony, my name is Jared, I am from rm 23. I really like your blog but I was looking through and saw this and I thought this is amazing. If you were the princess and you could have anything in the morning what would it be?
    Please check out my blog

  5. Hi Jared thank you for check out my blog and i will go and check out your blog\

    blog you latter.😀😁


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