Friday, 30 November 2018

Guess what is my animals

This week room 25 have been doing a guess that animal and we have been having lots of fun. We have beaning doing each other. Here is mind hope you can draw out guess what is is comment down below and tell my what it is.

  1. The unicorn of the sea.
  2. It has horizontal oval shaped combined head and body
  3. Is has  long thick tail with a crescent at the end, facing away from the oval.
  4. It has one black round eye with pink round cheek
  5. A really little cute smile
  6. And one big purple  circle on the tummy
  7. A red yellow green blue and purple upside down ice cream cone
What am i ?    

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  1. Hi my name is Lillia from Room 8 and I really like your post on What am I? I am guessing it is a narwhal... Have you thought about capital letters? If you would like to see my learning go to
    Blog ya later!


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